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Mason Montgomery - Fitness/Hiker (CA)

by marina sanchez on September 15, 2017


Age: 20
Location (State/Province): California
Country: USA
Sport(s): Snowboarding, Hiking, Fitness, Running, Rafting
Instagram Handle: @maaaceface

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo isn't just a clothing brand, it is a lifestyle. To me it means that I am not alone, even when I feel like I am. It's a community of rad girls, just like me, who want to share their passion for sports with each other. I have been motivated to try new sports, as well as step up my game in the sports I already partake in.

What drives you to do your sport?

The potential to grow as a person and also an athlete drives me to snowboard, climb mountains, and run miles. I was blessed with the ability to stand, walk, breathe and function. My body is an amazing machine and I believe it would be a shame if I didn't use it to do great things that I enjoy doing. I find peace in doing these things that I love and without them my stress levels would be through the roof. Whether I’m on the river or eating snow, the amount of happiness that I feel is a feeling that I want to experience as often as I can.


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