Mandy James - Snowmobile / Dirt Bike (OR)

March 20, 2018

Mandy James - Snowmobile / Dirt Bike (OR)


Age: 30

Location: Enterprise, OR

Sports: Snowmobiling and Dirt biking

Insta: @MandyAnnJames

What does SheShreds mean to you?

She Shreds is a awesome network of bad*** ladies! The support and encouragement in the group is amazing! I love how She Shreds supports a wide variety of sports!

What drives you to do your sport? 
Snowmobiling is my passion. The drive behind it is being able to go out and improve my skills on every ride. I love the challenge of the sport. I love the backcountry, I get see amazing views that nobody else gets to see. Snowmobiling has given me the chance to make many great friendships along the way. My husband and I are ecstatic to start passing down our love of snowmobiling to our kiddos!

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