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Lisa Ehm, Snowboard/Longboarder (DE)

by marina sanchez on September 12, 2017
Age: 25
Location (State/Province): Salzburg, Austria
Country: Germany
Sport(s): Snowboarding, Longboarding, Trail-Running, Climbing
Instagram Handle: @mhe.a


What does SheShreds mean to you?
I learned about SheShreds by browsing through the web and looking at female snowboard athletes. The more I red about the concept and the community the more I wanted to be part of it! When I saw that you could apply to become an ambassador I immediately contacted my friend who is also a snowboard instructor and whom I share the passion for action sports with and we apply together and got in :) Since then, SheShreds has connected me with so many rad girls around the globe, inspired me to put in my best and even go further and push my sport. I feel very grateful to have found this wonderful community of girls and woman all ages, all sports, sharing the same passion for an active and rad lifestyle, supporting each other and love life. You have to love it. 
What drives you to do your sport?
I feel like with every day, week, winter on a board I grow and let myself fall more and more into the beauty of snowboarding. Starting of with my dad and shredding on with my friends was so much fun when I was younger. Now that I'm a teacher i feel even more connected to it since I pass on what I love to do and hope to inspire more people to connect with snowboarding. There's no other way, once you hit a powder day and soul-float on your board down the're hooked.

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