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Lily Schlosser - Snowboard/Skateboarder (WI)

by Gina Duffy on June 14, 2017

Name: Lily Schlosser

Age: 14

Location (State/Province): Wisconsin

Sport(s): Snowboarding and Longboarding

Instagram Handle: @lilyschlosser


What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo to me is a community of ladies willing to work together to help support and drive each other through their sports. Helping others to get better doesn't just benefit another ambassador but also yourself. It is also a way to interact and meet girls that may be similar to you in ways your other friends may not be. Which is super awesome if not many girls you know do the same sport you enjoy so much.

What drives you to do your sport?

The idea of dominating the guys in an action sport that mostly guys do definitely pushes me to get better. So does SheShredsCo with Challenges all the time. The one thing that motivates me most is the love I have for snowboarding and other sports. Without it I wouldn't enjoy what I love to do or excel in it. It’s something that makes me try harder and pushes me back up after I fall down, until I land a trick.


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