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Lilly Ebbs, Roller Derby/Snowboarder (UK)

by Joanna Brashear on May 26, 2017

Lilly Ebbs - Roller Derby/Snowboarder - Cleethorpes, UK




 Your Age: 29

Your Location (where do you ride mostly): Cleethorpes.

Weapon(s) of choice: Roller Derby, Snowboarder, Camera and my Ukulele.

What’s an average day for you like? Well, an average day...I have no average day. I work in Hospital theatre so everyday is different. But when I'm not at work I try and go away and fill my days with adventures with friends or skating. Love my roller derby and my team so always practicing with them when I can.

What is the most difficult part of your activity/sports for a beginner? The easiest? Having the confidence to just go for it!

What is the best and worst thing about being female in your sport? We have a stereotype being female and I love proving people wrong. When I'm on my skates I don't care who's watching, I just give it my all and SHRED!

Besides your ability and style factor as an athlete, how would you describe your personal style? My style is a bit of how I feel in the morning. I'm a bit of a free spirit and a bit punk yet country western!

What are your favorite brands/designers for your sports apparel and for stepping out? Some of my favourite brands are element, Forw4rd, She shreds for sure! Billabong and Roxy! Nikita, Wrangler but Most Brands I love, I do like anything that stands out and catches my eye!

Let’s hear your thoughts on how important looking good is to feeling good. “Being” your personal best? Feeling good is everything to me. Just you being your best is all you need to do to feel good!

How dangerous do you really think it is compared to what people do in their regular activities? Roller Derby can be pretty scary as it is a full contact sport so many of my team mates have broken bones!

I bet in your experience you have seen some crazy crashes. Describe one. So many crazy crashes! A girl on my team was just skating round during a training session and snapped her ankle. She now has plates in there!

What usually gets people hooked on your activity/sport? The adrenaline in playing a game! So addictive!!

What is your favorite trick? In roller derby I just like going super fast round the track and making sure my cross overs are on point! I also love a 180 jump transition.

Do you own any other toys? I have my snowboard, longboard, and I have a bike too! But I love giving anything a go!

What gets you pumped up for the day? Listening to music for sure!

What are three things you could not live without? My skates, music and my camera!

Who have been your biggest supporters in getting you to where you are now? My fiancé, friends and family.

Who’s your favorite rider/shooter (photo/video)? Laura Corrigan, she's amazing! Biggest insperation and one of my best friends! Chicks in Bowls (Michelle Steilen) are insane as well. Love what those girls are about and they shred!

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not riding/shooting/competing? I love playing my uke and singing at the top of my voice!

Where would be your biggest dream place to ride and why? Alaska!

What song(s) do you listen to while riding that puts you in the zone? Any country music or punk.

What turned you on to your sport? Growing up I was a good ice skater so it came quite natural to me.

Any new tricks you’re working on? Free skating in skateparks and stalls mainly.

What other extreme/action sports are you into? I will give anything a go! I enjoy surfing too but Roller derby and Snowboarding are my jam!

If extreme/action sports didn’t exist, what would you be doing with all the free time you’d have? Playing my uke or the guitar.

Favorite drink of choice to refresh yourself after a long day of riding/shooting? COFFEE!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Just myself!

Any of your own web pages or social media buttons you want links to?



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