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Kimberly Ring - Snowboard, Skateboard (OK)

by Kelly Vance on January 06, 2020

Name: Kimberly Ring

Ambassador Since: June 2019

Location: Oklahoma

Sport(s): Snowboarding, Skateboarding

Instagram Handle: @kimberly_ring

What Does Mean to You? 

The community of like minded women is vital for me. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of both our sports and careers and that is not found everywhere. Without this community of women, I'm not sure if I would have kept trying different aspects of my sport and my career. Knowing they are so many women who have gone before me and are now standing beside me and have my back is what instills the feeling of fearlessness.

What Drives You in Your Sport? 

The feeling of freedom and flying is what drives me to keep persuing snowboarding, wakeboarding, and skateboarding. I feel most myself when my feet are attached to a board and that feeling is addicitng and empowering.

Advice from Kimberly: 

Life is about relationships and empowering not only others but yourself. You'll never know what you are capable of doing until you give your mind and body the opprotunities. Take the risk and see what you are capable of doing and know that you have a whole team of women cheering you on the whole way!


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