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Kim Barnett, MTB/Snowboard/Climber (UK)

by Bold Apps on November 27, 2018



Name: Kim Barnett
Age: 37
Location: Birmingham, UK
Sport(s): Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Trail Running 
Instagram Handle: @Intothegap

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

It's a cool movement to be part of. I call it a movement as look at how ambassador numbers have increased? Women want to be part of this, as it's not only cool, it's supportive and allows everyone to feel included. Then we have the cool stuff that ambassadors are out there doing everyday. I am inspired and motivated by fellow ambassadors. I feel proud to be a part of this. 

How did you get hooked on your favorite action sport(s)? 

After a serious Road Traffic Accident in was informed by the consultants I wouldn't play hockey again. A friend suggested a try mountain biking. I have not looked back. 19 years later not only do I mountain bike regularly, I also mountaineer, climb, run and snowboard. 

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?

I don't feel that I face any, and I have never felt that way. Over the years I have witnessed females supported and sponsored more so. More competitions and ladies days have become commonplace. Females appear to be more inclined to participate as a result which is awesome. 

Where is the most unusual or exciting place you have done your sport?

My sports have took me all over the world and that's the great thing about extreme sports. I really enjoyed my little road trip around all the local club fields in New Zealand to snowboard. Such cool little places to ride. I loved New Zealand. I was out there for two years and it was quite raw at times and that's what I like. I am not.sold on the glamour of the sports I do, I just want to do them. 

Actually, just thought of another experience. Mountain biking through the Andes. That was way cool. Sketchy ass routes through the mountain's with killer views. I remember it well as wild packs of dogs were like chasing us. 

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

Most memorable has to be an recent traverse of the Arete Cosmiques in the French Alps. This is the most recent thing i have done so its stands out for sure. 

Who/what are your inspirations

My most recent inspiration has to be Stig Pryds, The Red Bull Diver. He has overcome the unthinkable and as a result become one of the world's leading Free Divers. Absolute inspiration to all. If you haven't watched the documentary do so. 

Favorite thing about SheShreds products?

I love how SheShreds use the ideas of their ambassadors. It's really encouraging and inclusive. Ambassadors really feel involved and that's unique. I don't see any other brands allowing their ambassadors to have such an influence. 


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by Simon Merrick on January 02, 2019

I’ve known Kim personally for 2 yrs, thru mountain biking which she is awesome at, Kim is an outstanding all rounder and excels at whatever she puts her mindset too! A true inspiration for any outdoors oriented person… be male or female check out her insta intothegap WOW.. what I admire most is Kim’s zest for life… keep rocking Kim 🙌🏼


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