Kim Barnett, MTB/Snowboard/Climber (UK)

May 25, 2017

Kim Barnett, MTB/Snowboard/Climber (UK)


Age: 36

Sports: Mountain biking, snowboarding, mountaineering, Climbing, trail running. 

Instahandle: Intothegap

Sheshredsco: what is awesome about Sheshreds is we are ordinary yet extraordinary women with a common purpose. That purpose centres around supporting each other in the outdoors and in demonstrating absolute determination and courage. What could you not like about that? 

What drives you to do your sport?

I have always found peace and connectivity in the outdoors and extreme sports. Every time I climb or get out on the trails its like an internal reset button is pressed. It just makes me have such an I.proved outlook on lift. And each time that deep passion is fueled and I am eager to get back out and try new challenges, different routes, go a bit beyond my limits. 


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