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Kiara (Tompkins) Borrelli - Surf/Snowboarder (CA)

by Gina Duffy on June 20, 2017

Kiara (Tompkins) Borrelli

Age: 24
Location: CA
Sport(s): MX, Surf, Snow, Skateboard, MTB

Instagram Handle: @justbeinkiara (used to be @kiarat13)

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo means a sense of independence as a female athlete but a sense of team mates. I enjoy being able to do my sports that are independent and have a team behind me being so supportive. It really is a family of girls that all have the same thing in common, SHREDDING! The feeling of no judgement for anything you do, whether you do it as a hobby or compete at a high level, you are supported. Truly grateful for such an awesome crew and amazing girls to follow.

How did you get hooked on your favorite action sport(s)?

Growing up with my dad I was raised in action sports. I learned how to skate at 5, surf at 7, dirtbikes at 10. Always active and always extreme. I would always compete with the boys to try and be better than them as it was a boys world in actions sports and I wanted to change that. My dad was my coach when I competed in surfing and helped me with everything and anything I was into. Never was pushed to hard into any particular sport which made me want to do more of them. That is why I do all the extreme sports that I do, they are all so exhilarating. 

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?

I've learned to deal with them as positive challenges not negative. A lot of, "you're a girl?" Which can be cool but kind of annoying when I am just trying to have fun not make a statement. There is a slight mental block that I can't do something but I truly believe I can do anything and there is no challenge there but myself. Challenge as a female doing my sports is anyone doing it better than me whether a man or woman....more competition.

Where is the most unusual or exciting place you have done your sport?

Surfing in Mexico was so different we had to hike out and down to the spot after a 30 mile drive on a dirt road with multiple cow run ins. Snowboarding out near hot springs in Mammoth where we had to trek through 2 feet of powder up a hill to ride down was exciting and a unique experience for me. The most exciting for Moto was riding a black diamond single trail out at Gorman where the trail was about a foot and a half wide majority of the way. That trail made me feel truly confident in my riding skill.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

My most memorable moment for surf was when I won my first contest my junior year of high school. I remember the contest started terrible rainy conditions then cleared up and me and one other girl went back and forth throughout the competition. When the ceremony came we stood up and when they called second place and it was not me my surf team went crazy yelling my name for first place and it was truly incredible! Yes, I cried and hugged my dad.......I am still a girl with feelings :)

Who/what are your inspirations

My dad as he has been there for me and my coach my entire life. Bethany Hamilton as well she is awesome and so inspiring and an amazing surfer. She is proof that no matter what happens you can always conquer your dreams. Jolene Van Vugt, women extreme star for nitro circus and just fearless which is what I thrive to be.

Favorite thing about SheShreds products?

Unique and fashionable. All of the products are comfortable to wear while doing anything. I enjoy the recognition of the product when I wear it and I get to tell them I am a brand ambassador for this awesome company that empowers women and strives for everything extreme!




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