Katie Purdy, Snowboard/DH MTB/Wakeboarder (CO)

May 25, 2017

Katie Purdy, Snowboard/DH MTB/Wakeboarder (CO)

Katie Purdy

Age:  28                                             

Location: Colorado

Country: USA 
Sport(s): Snowboarding, MTB, snowmobiling, longboarding

Instagram: @theoutdoorswoman

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

I am so much happier now that I have found sheshreds. Its hard to imagine life without it. The sheshreds girls challenge me every day and motivate me by seeing new photos of girls doing their sports and it encourages me to try new things. I love the social aspect of sheshreds and connecting with like minded people that share the same interests. Also, the clothing is rad and I love to be repping Sheshreds every single day!

What drives you to do your sport?

The adrenaline is the main reason I keep doing my sport. I love that the sky is the limit, there's always something new to work on with your sport to make you better. I love feeling challenged and learning new tricks within my sport. I also like the social aspect of my sports, I love to ride with others and learn from others and share the stoke.


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