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Katie Purdy, Snowboard/DH MTB/Wakeboarder (CO)

by marina sanchez on September 22, 2017

Katie Purdy

Age:  28                                             
Location: Colorado
Country: USA 
Sport(s): Snowboarding, MTB, snowmobiling, longboarding
Instagram: @theoutdoorswoman

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo pushes me to try new things. I feel like I have tried more new things in the past year than I ever have previous to joining the family.  Being part of a group of like minded people provides inspiration in so many ways, whether its trying a new trick, getting a new photo angle or getting creative with new clothing fashion for females in sport. Seeing all of what the other girls do every day inspires me in so many ways to get creative in everything I do. The challenges are also a way of getting me out there to do something new that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of doing. The SheShredsCo community is a safe place where I can express my thoughts and ideas without being judged for being a female in the sports industry. I love the Facebook crew page - its so motivating to see other girls just like me participating in male dominant activities.
Since being a SheShredsCo ambassador it has boosted my social media followings. When I joined SheShredsCo in January this year I had 1000 followers on Instagram and now it is over 7000 so it has been really good for personal growth, which in turn gives me more motivation and encouragement to get out there and participate in more activities.

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?
The challenges I face about being a female in sports is that  there are not as many females participating in sports as males, an example of this for me is that I have a trip planned next month to go and ride the Enchilada trail in Moab, Utah on my mountain bike with my husband and friends and I literally do not know any female riders to invite to join me which has turned into a 'boys' trip and me. Obviously this is starting to change and I have hope of finding more female riders since joining SheShredsCo because it helps put like-minded athletes in contact with each other - its a great way to meet people! I think part of the reason that there are not as many female athletes is because of the typical stereotypes of females not being as good or successful as a male athlete. Things are definitely changing in the modern day, especially with groups like SheShredsCo which proves that females are just as strong and able to participate.

Where is the most unusual place you have done your sport? 
I am an into a lot of different sports but I would like to think that snowboarding is my main sport. I have snowboarded all over the world and one of the coolest places that not a lot of people know about is Japan. Japan actually receives some of largest snow falls in the world. After every run, by the time I caught the chair lift up to the top again, my tracks would have already been refilled with fresh snow. It dumps in Japan!!!!
Also, I went Heli-boarding in New Zealand - such an amazing experience

What has been your most memorable moment so far? 
I would have to say snowboarding in Japan - it was a dream come true. A weeks worth of deep powder! 
Another memorable moment for me was also learning to jump on my mountain bike - it took me a while to learn how to master landing two wheels at the same time. Such a good feeling of getting the hang of something you wanted so bad.

Who/what are your inspirations?

Most of my inspiration comes from female shredders in the SheShredsCo family and also other female athletes on Instagram that I follow. I think its great to use Instagram daily to check what your favorite athletes are doing - it gives me so much inspiration to travel and participate in my sports all over the world.

Favorite thing about SheShreds products? 
The gear is so cute but yet practical for all my sports. I love that it is catered towards many different activities - there is something for everyone! Most of the inspiration for each product comes from the Ambassadors - the girls get to have a say and make recommendations.

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