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Kate Shultz - Ski/Surf/MTB/Snowboarder (OR)

by Gina Duffy on June 14, 2017


Name: Kate Shultz 

Age: 17

Location (State/Province): Oregon

Sport(s): Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Longboarding, Mountain Biking, and Hiking 

Instagram Handle: kate.shultz

What does SheShredsCo mean to you? 

To me, SheShreds means empowering girls in action sports across the globe. This is something I am extremely passionate about because I don't ever want there to be a girl out there that feels alone in trying a new sport for the sole reason that she is a girl. I was that girl when I started skate camps as a kid. I also just love the community SheShreds creates, I love meeting all these amazing girls from all over the place. One of the coolest things about SheShreds, is having a ski buddy nearly anywhere around the world. 

What drives you to do your sport? 

Skiing is my main sport and I love it so much for a couple main reasons. It's a huge stress reliever. Whenever I go up to the mountain on the weekends I leave all my worries at home and have a clear head. I also am addicted to the adrenaline rush of flying down a mountain on snow. Another thing I love are the raw connections you are allowed to make with people on the mountain without the usual distractions. 



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