Kaitlyn Elswick - MTB/Snowboarder (UT)

June 13, 2017

Kaitlyn Elswick - MTB/Snowboarder (UT)


Name:  Kaitlyn Elswick
Age:  25
Location:  Park City, UT
Sport(s):  Snowboarding, Mtn Biking & Wake surfing
Instagram Handle: @love2sboard

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?  

I remember when I first heard about SheShredsCo- it was when I had moved to Utah, first time ever out of the nest. I didn’t know any chicks, just some dude friends from back home and when I discovered this amazing-not just a brand or company...but i discovered this RAD family! I knew SheShredsCo was just for me, from then on out I have ALWAYS had the choice to connect and meet with the coolest girls out there-getting support, shredding together, going out. There has always been someone in this family I could connect with and being a apart of SheShredsCo means that I will ALWAYS have a family- near or far. 

What drives you to do your sport? 

Having days where you just smile all day, uncontrollably, all because you are doing what you love! Being in the backcountry, when it’s so silent and desolate all you can hear is your breath and the crunching of the snow beneath your feet while you hike to the top of a peak-the feeling of bliss is what drives me! 

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