Kacee Parker - Rodeo/Archer (UT)

by marina sanchez on September 16, 2017


Age: 23 
Location (State/Province): Logan UT
Country: USA
Sport(s): Rodeo/archery
Instagram Handle: @kcjo1994

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
SheShredsCo means to that I get to be myself. I get to express who I am and share what I love. Theses girls are always so positive and up lifting. SheShredsCo has be come a whole new family to me. 

What drives you to do your sport? 
I have always had that love for horses and going fast. The drive I have for rodeo comes from feeling free on my horse and watching the 2 of use grow and learn together. I love being able to say I have done everything myself with my horses. I love being able to work with a 1200lbs animal that loves me just as much as I love her! 

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