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Jordana Holloway, Snowboarder (BC)

by Erika Vikander on June 08, 2017
Age: 25

Location: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Sport(s): Snowboarding

Instagram: @anadrojjordana
What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
Being a part of the SheShredsCo Ambassador program and representing the company is an amazing experience. It has allowed me to meet girls from around the world who are passionate about snowboarding and the mountain culture lifestyle. Most importantly though, being part of SheShredsCo has allowed me to be continuously inspired to become a better person, progress with snowboarding, and to always encourage more girls to get invloved with action sports. Alongside the community and support network SheShredsCo provides, it is amazing to be with a company that listens to what their ambassadors and team athletes want in the products, and then puts those ideas into reality and produce apparel, acessories, and sporting equipment that is practical and functional for female athletes.

What drives you to do your sport?
The desire to be out in the mountains with my snowboard and enter that silent hush that takes over my surroundings once I start moving downhill. For that time, you're kind of able to escape reality and just enjoy the present moment, and that is one of the best feelings of snowboarding. Maybe it's hard to explian but I have a feeling other people know and have experienced what I mean when they're doing their sport or hobby. Along side of that freedom snowboarding gives, there is also that feeling of accomplishment when you land a new trick, or the feeling of floating when you're sending it through bottomless powder and weaving between trees. I've gotten to go to so many new places solely because I wanted to go ride there, so the desire to travel and explore new places is always motivating. Lastly, there is the times when you're out riding with friends, new and old, and just having a blast together. Cruising around, high fiving one and other, feeding off each other's stoke that always keeps me wanting to go out snowboarding all the time!

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