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Holly Strickland, DH and XC MTB/Skier (TX)

by Allie Huish on May 26, 2017

Holly Strickland - DH and XC MTB/Skier (TX)




Age: 27

Location: Texas

Country: USA

Sport(s): Mountain Biking (XC, DH, trail);  Snow Skiing

Instagram: @hollyhaj

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
SheShredsCo is much more than a company who makes really cool clothing/gear for girls and women. This company provides a family of amazing girls/women who inspire and support each other! SheShredsCo means that I'll always have someone who will support me and push me to keep going. This company is so inspirational on so many levels. It feels great to know that SheShredsCo is working to encourage more girls/women to become involved and participate in extreme sports.  

What drives you to do your sport?
Why do I love mountain biking? That is a question that has 1000 different answers. Riding with my friends is one thing that always keeps me going. I've met so many people through mountain biking. Some of those people have become some of my best friends. The mtb community is amazing. Everyone is so positive, outgoing, supportive, understanding, awesome...and so many other things! They want you to be successful and to get better. They push you when you think you've met your limit, and make you realize how much stronger you are. I look forward to weekly rides with my friends and it really bums me out when they don't happen. The other thing I love about mountain biking is how amazing it feels to finish a ride. I've never been disappointed after a ride. Regardless of meeting expectations or not, how unmotivated I am, or how crappy the day has been, the ride is always worth it! 
I think this quote by Greg Heil pretty much sums it up: 

"And so, we ride to live.

We ride to put life in our days. We ride to experience happiness on a daily basis, to center our emotional lives and kill the parasite of depression, attacking it at the root. No matter what life may throw at us, whatever negativity we experience at work, at home, in life in general… when we can turn off the cell phone, fill the water bottles, and roll out and pedal for hours on end, life is suddenly a bright, happy place yet again!"


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