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Emma Droster - Ski/Longboarder (WI)

by marina sanchez on August 29, 2017


Age: 13 
Location: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Sport: Skiing
Instagram: @emmadroster

What does mean to you :

SheShreds is such an empowering company. From creating a place for ambassadors to learn and grow from each other to having gear and supplies for females to feel confident and fearless in their sport. Growing up, I was always the only girl skiing my local park and competing in local contests. I always felt left out and alone because I was one of the only females. It made me wonder if I should be even pursuing slopestyle in the first place. With SheShreds, it reassures girls that they are not alone and that they have sisters around the globe shredding too! 


What drives you to do your sport:

For me it has to be the thrill. Once you land your first trick you are addicted. Its such a good feeling and it leaves you wanting more. It's the perfect balance between fear and passion. It's so rewarding to land a new trick that you have been working at. The feeling you experience is so indescribable!


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