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Emily Singsank - Ski/SUP/Longboarder (MN)

by marina sanchez on September 12, 2017
Emily Singsank - Ski/SUP/Longboarder (MN)


Name: Emily Singsank

Age: 14  

Location: Minnesota   

Sport(s): Skiing, Longboarding, SUP, Track, Cheer  

Instagram Handle: @Emmy_singsank

What does mean to you?

Sheshreds means a lot to me. I love how they encourage young girls to try different sports and find what suits them. I am so happy I found Sheshreds so I can help other girls chase their dreams.

What drives you to do your sport?

I am a varsity distance runner for track. I don't like running, the reason I do track is because I love competition, and I love winning. Last track season was NOT a good season for me. I went home crying after every meet, but I really wanted to letter that year. At my last meet of the season, sub sections, I ran my but off!! I got 8th place and lettered, and now I want to letter every year because it is a great feeling to know I worked for it.

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by Judy on January 20, 2018

So proud of you! Your vision and dedication make me so happy! Love you!


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