Darci Hayes - Snowboard/MTB/ATVer (UT)

by marina sanchez on October 04, 2017


Age: 10
Location (State/Province): Utah
Country: United States of America
Sport(s): Snowboarding
Instagram Handle: @darci_hayes


What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo means to me girls getting together to encourage and inspire each other in whatever they do. SheShredsCo has given me a chance to meet some awesome ladies, ones I can look up to. It also hosts some awesome get together sand has amazing coaches!


What drives you to do your sport? 

Wanting to be the best snowboarder I can be, it feels amazing when I land a new trick!  Having great coaches drives me to be a better snowboarder. Also, my family, who are always there cheering me on and supporting me in whatever I do.


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