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Cristina Castellanos, Wakeboard/Surf/Kiteboarder (GTM)

by Erika Vikander on June 21, 2017


Age: 13
Country: Guatemala

Sport(s): Wakebording and Kiteboarding

Instagram: @cristycastellanos_

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
Support in anything you need. Meeting new girls who have the same interests as you. Getting to have awesome clothes.

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?
As a female I face discrimination in a way that when I try new tricks the coaches give me more time to do them because Im a girls and they give less time to boys. As well in the competition they separate women from men when they should compite in the same category. As a female I also face every day sexism in sports.

Where is the most unusual place you have done your sport?
The canal at the beach. It is in the beach that has a way out to the Pacific.It is a very small canal were it is very dirty but Ill do anything to Wakeboard.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?
When I landed the ramp in my second try. It was a moment I never imagined me doing or even landing. I felt like a real pro when I landed it. (This was on Tuesday)

Who/what are your inspirations
My dad was the one who brought me into this sports. But as well my sister Katya Castellanos who started doing all of this sports and made me want to try too. As well when the wake park in my local are opened I had faith I could do anything in it.

Favorite thing about SheShreds products?
They are very confident and very pretty. They make women fell like they can be a pro in anything they want. As well they have really cool designs and colors.

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