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Caitlin Burns, Roller Derby/Quad Skater (NZL)

by Allie Huish on May 26, 2017

Caitlin Burns - Roller Derby/Quad Skater (NZL)




Age: 27

Location: Mt Maunganui

Country: New Zealand

Sport(s): Roller derby, aggressive roller skating

Instagram: @hellfushia

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
It's so awesome to be a part of a brand that champions female athletes for their talents and effort, and not for how they look. It's also great to have the whole SheShreds ambassador crew to look at for inspiration and feedback!

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?
Thankfully roller derby is a sport which is run by mostly females, so I don't face as many of the usual challenges as other sports might. Sometimes personalities clash, but that's more down to individual people rather than gender! On the ramps I've been given a bit of stick for being a girl (like that one 12 year old boy who teased me because my thighs wobbled when I was sticking 3's...whatever kid), but 99% of other skaters/boarders/BMXers/etc are nothing but supportive!

Where is the most unusual place you have done your sport?
I have played roller derby all over New Zealand, in Australia and Las Vegas so far! Nowhere particularly unusual, but lots of cool places for a Kiwi girl.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?
Being a part of the 2014 Team New Zealand Roller Derby training squad was a real highlight - even though I didn't make the final traveling team I learned so much. For ramp skating, dropping in from a 12 foot vert was pretty big for me (literally and figuratively)! Never again.

Who/what are your inspirations
For derby, any blockers-turned-jammers! It's a hard move and I'm always looking for someone I can emulate. For ramp skating, all the Chicks in Bowls crew, who are all total badasses!

Favorite thing about SheShreds products?

They are so comfortable, they are practical and of course they look great...I can't pick just one thing!


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