Amanda Monge - Snowboard/Equestrian (MN)

March 20, 2018

Amanda Monge - Snowboard/Equestrian (MN)


Age: 32

Location: MN

Sport(s): Snowboard, equestrian, skateboarding 

Instagram Handle: @girlmonge

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShreds has been such a great thing for me ever since I joined. I love the feeling of community and all the support everyone gives each other. I feel like I have long lost shred sisters and girlfriends!! SheShreds is not only a rad company with an amazing message, it's something I have incorporated into my every day life and it has been nothing but positive. I love sharing the mission of She Shreds with others as well. During the time I have been a ambassador, I have felt supported by everyone and that is a really great feeling. I don't have many friends who snowboard or skate as much as I do, or to the level I do. Its so amazing to get connected to other ladies and learn from them!!

What drives you to do your sport? Love, competitiveness and drive. I want to do well and be respected in this sport.  I have an insane love for snowboarding and winter. I have been stoked how quickly I have progressed and cannot wait until the snow flies again!!! As far as equine, I have always had horses and used to show competitively. Now I trail ride for fun :-) Skateboarding has been a new venture for me, as this is my second summer learning. It has been frustrating and rewarding at the same time, and has helped me with snowboarding! 

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