Allie Needler, Ski/MTB/Hiker (UT)

August 11, 2017 2 Comments

Allie Needler,  Ski/MTB/Hiker (UT)


Age: 28
Location: UT
Sport(s): Ski, DH Mountain bike, Hike
Instagram: @aneedlaa

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
SheShredsCo has meant a lot to me in different ways in the last 3 months.  I felt so warmly welcomed into the family from the very beginning!  I have a ton of guy friends that I grew up riding with, but I found it hard to get together and shred with ladies.  This group has opened my eyes to how many girls there are that love the thrill of actions sports as much as I do! The gear and discounts are super great, but to me it is about the family, feeling the love and spread of the stoke.  That is why I am proud to be a SheShreds ambassador.

What drives you to do your sport? 
Skiing, Mountain Biking and Hiking come from my love for the mountains!  I respect these mountains more than a lot of humans. I feel the most "at home" when I am ripping through the trees.  There is something humbling about feeling small in comparison to the sheer size and lifetime these mountains have seen.  So many feet, boards, and tires before mine, and so many will come after. Being able to progress and feel so strong as a woman is why I continue to push myself harder and harder.

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Tanya Worron
Tanya Worron

December 05, 2017

I am so proud of you! Shred-on baby sis!! Xo!!

john gazo
john gazo

September 17, 2017

You make me proud to have been one of your elementary school teachers! You have carried the love of the outdoors Vermonters have to the West! You go girl !!

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