Silver Ambassadors

A Nation of Rebels With One Help Girls Shred Without Limits.  UNITED WE SHRED!

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She Who Is Brave Is Free.
Say hello to our fearless, shining silver ambassadors
These girls are raising the bar — above and beyond what they have ever imagined

Natalie Graham

Wakeskate/Wakeboarder (AZ)


Melissa Benjamin

Freestyle Skier (UT)

Maggie Phipps

Snow/Wake/Skateboarder (UT)

Gabrielle Hockley

Snowmobile/Wakesurf/Boarder (BC)

Hayley Steed

Flowboard/Snowboarder (UT)

Lexi Moss

Snowboarder (CO)

Holly Tetzlaf

Slack Line/Snow/Longboarder (CO)

Riley Rivera

Snowboard/Wake/Skater (CA)


Amanda Vogt

Wakeboarder (CA)

Cristiana Ubilla

Wakeboarder (GTM)


Maria Brunori

Snowboarder (CO)

Myriam Trepanier

Ice Cross DH/Snowboard/Skier (MN)

Marina Sanchez

Snowboard/Photographer (BC)

Marci Sherman

Snowboarder (UT)

Kai Roshto

Wakesurf/Wakeboarder (AZ)

Marcel Sánchez

Longboarder (DOM)

Aliza Capen

Wakeboarder (TX)

Ava Cook

Snow/Long/Skateboarder (AB)

Alina Myers

Snowboard/Surfer (MD)

Sammy Olsen

Freeskier (UT)

Jade Cator

Snow/Longboard/Skateboarder (UK)

Kendall Kupper

Wakeboarder (OH)

Brie Pepe

Snowboarder (CO)

Riley Lovejoy

Snowboarder (CO)

Payton Lucas

Wake/Snowboard/Flowboarder (UT)

Sierra Walther

Skier (CO)

Cate Siniscalchi

Wakeboard/Snowboarder (UT)

Sheree Perez

Adaptive/Sit Wakeboarder (FL)

Cara Brown

Alpine Ski/Climber/Road Biker - (UK)

Jordan Brandingen

Snowboard/Wakeboarder (AB)

Kira Martinez

Snowboarder (CO)

Emily O'Connor

Snowboarder (MI)

Chantal Von Rotz

Snowmobile/Snowboarder (BC)

Erin Eblen

Snow/Wakeboarder (OH)

Brindley Faile

Mountaineer/Longboarder (GA)

Mindy Koehnke

Snow/Motocross/Wake/Quads (WI)

Katie Johnstone

Snowboard/Wakeboarder (OH)

Ellie & Alexie Patrick

Snow/Wakeboarders (OR)

Emily Lonkhurst

MTB/Snowboarder (AK)

Heather Darrin

Snow/Longboard/MTB (MN)

Adele Zeh

Ski/Snowboarder (CO)

Lydia Ferro

Surfer (FL)

Morgan Way

MTB/Wake/Surf/Snowboarder (PA)

Elin Tortorice

Snowboard/Skate/Climber (CO/NH)

Magda Gil Deza

Wakeboarder (ARG)

Noelle Sanders

Wake/Skate/Snow/MTB (CT/UT)

Amanda Maida

Ski/Kickboxer (AB)

Stacy Pokrywka

SUP/Snowboard/Skier (MI)

Brianna Smith

SUP/Snowboarder (UT)

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