Samantha Eaton - CIO


 When Sam was young, her high school counselor told her that the two things she loved, BMX racing and video games, were for boys and held no future for her. (No, really, he said those exact words.) Frustrated, she contemplated how she was going to use this information in regards to her future. She decided the best use was to simply race BMX bikes against the boys (placing 2nd or 1st most of the time!) and continue to be the only girl in her group of gamer friends. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

Somewhere around this time, the old beat up family IBM computer had decided to stop working which prohibited her from using telnet to chat with her friend down the block. (Somehow this was cooler than just walking down to his house.) So she decided to completely rip it apart and see what was inside. Can't be that different from fixing things around the house with her dad, right? She laid all the cables and boards and screws out on the floor, gave them a good cleaning, and put the darn thing back together. Can you guess what happened next? Well, besides her mom being really really mad..

It worked, of course! What did you think was going to happen? (Mom wasn't mad after that, in case you were wondering.)

Realizing she had a knack for this technology thing, she set out to learn everything she could from network architecture to Linux to DNS to web design. Eventually, this lead to the evolution of her web design & IT consultation company, "Pink" for her trademark pink locks, and "Pwny" as an homage to her love of video games and their culture.

"The opportunity to jump on board with my "Sister" Gina and SheShreds to help empower women has been such a delight and an honor. And if you are wondering: yes, I still compete like a girl. So watch out!" - Sam