Rachel Bailo - Snowboard/Longboarder (NH)


Your Age: 25

Your Location: Born and raised Michigander, but recently relocated to New England (New Hampshire) within the last year and a half.

Weapon(s) of choice: My snowboard is hands down my winter weapon! Occasionally in the Spring & Summer, you'll find me cruising the concrete on my longboard.

What’s an average day for you like? An average day for me is probably a bit different than most. I work full time at our local hospital, 3 days a week as a Respiratory Therapist. When I'm not found there, you'll have to scour the mountain trails to find me. By Winter I'm riding the slopes, playing in the tree lines, or a little backwoods excursion, while in the Spring/Fall I'm hiking around finding new viewpoints and gardening.

What is the most difficult part of your activity/sports for a beginner? Most difficult: Falling when you're learning a new trick. No matter how many times you fall, it always hurts Snow or pavement, they both leave their mark.
Easiest: Wanting to get up and try it again. I've never been one to give up easily, so the will to get back up and keep trying comes as second nature.

What is the best and worst thing about being female in your sport? The best thing I would have to say is the comradery that comes when you get a group of like-minded girls together. Having other females to support and teach one another is the amazing! I learned to snowboard from a good gal pal of mine, and even though she had a few good laughs at my wipe outs, she always had something to say to lift my spirits up.
Worst thing are those guys that think you're just a girl with no talent trying to pick up a guy.

What would you like to see change in your sport to make it better for you and other female athletes? More support from parents. I think too many mom's say "I want my girl to be a lady". Let kids express themselves and support their creativity. Let girls get banged up, and bruised. I'm sure she'll thank you when she's older.

Besides your ability and style factor as an athlete, how would you describe your personal style? Tom-boyish?I wouldn't say that I have a true 'style'. I'm more a thrift store junkie, who likes the occasional trendy thread. I love my flannels, beanies, jeans and shorts. But don't be surprised if some week you see me wear the same clothes. What ever feels comfy is what you'll find me in.

What are your favorite brands/designers for your sports apparel and for stepping out? I've always been pleased with Burton when it comes to jackets, while 686 snowpants are a must for me. Roomiest snowpants, ever. Summer threads, I'm partial. I always gravitate towards Rue 21 or PacSun. There is the rad startup company that has quality gear, Sheshreds ;)

Let’s hear your thoughts on how important looking good is to feeling good. “Being” your personal best? For me its not so much looking good, as it is being warm or comfy. I'm not one to be known for an incredible style, which is cool. I'm just out to enjoy the day.

How dangerous do you really think it is compared to what people do in their regular activities? Any sport has its dangers. Its really how far you want to push yourself that increases the dangers.

I bet in your experience you have seen some crazy crashes. Describe one. First kicker instructed by a bunch of guys: We had built a kicker probably 3'-4' in height that had a fresh powder landing. I had never taken a kicker, let alone been on a snowboard for over a year. They had told me to lift up on my nose almost like I was doing an ollie (that I knew). Long story short, I pulled up on my nose; wayyy up. I did what I think was 3/4 of a backflip landing on my shoulders and neck. Thankfully there was a lot of powder to land into.

What usually gets people hooked on your activity/sport? That first real powder ride. Once you experience it, you're hooked.

What is your favorite trick? Well, I just dialed in my front-side boardside. Those are pretty fun.

Do you own any other toys? Sadly, other than my longboards and snowboard, I don't own anything else. I would love to get my mitts on a snowmobile though. That would make going backcountry riding a bit easier.

What gets you pumped up for the day? Usually a good breakfast, a quick yoga stretch, and of course some good tunes.

What are three things you could not live without? My husband, my snowboard, and my close friends.

What are your expectations for this activity/sport? I don't have any true expectations. As long as I have a smile on my face at the end of the day, I'm happy.

Who have been your biggest supporters in getting you to where you are now? My husband by far, family and friends. Withouth them, I'd be a mess.

Who’s your favorite rider/shooter? Girl Power: Leanne Pelosi, and Robin Van Gyn
Man Power: Danny Davis & John Jackson

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not riding/shooting/competing? I love to garden, hike, fish, and kayak. Really, anything to keep me outside, and active.

How about in the off season to stay in shape? I have a daily routine that normally involves either Yoga, or a quick workout.

What is your biggest goal to accomplish this/next season? I'd like to get more fluent riding switch and maybe work on my 360s.

What do you do to prep for a competition? I'm not one for comps, but the one I did compete in, I had a little liquid courage and tunes to calm the nerves.

What competitions and other awards have you won? In high school I was a pretty competitive athlete. I qualified for 100m hurdles, and achieved academic all state. College was more academic achievements by being on the Deans List.

What’s your favorite “way” to ride? Backcountry / Glades

Favorite conditions? Powwwder. I love a good powder day. Moving out of the Midwest to the East coast those seem to be few and far between.

Where would be your biggest dream place to ride and why? Japan, New Zealand, or BC. Japan and BC speak for themselves because of the powder. New Zealand though, has always been on my bucket list.

What song(s) do you listen to while riding that puts you in the zone? Anything and everything. Whatever my mood calls for.

What turned you on to your sport? My love for winter, and the want to try a new sport.

Any new moves you’re working on? Maybe 360s, I'm not sure. I try something new all the time.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done in your sport? I took a cliff at Mt. Bohemia (Michigan), and landed in powder up to my hips. I've never been in that much snow since.

What other extreme/action sports are you into? Growing up, I had 2 snowmobiles and a quad I could play with. I was always getting into trouble on those.

If extreme/action sports didn’t exist, what would you be doing with all the free time you’d have? Well that would be a lame world. Somewhere someone would be doing something extreme.

What’s your favorite board/bike/sled to ride and why? Snowboard: I love my Michigan made Marhar. Those guys have something going on there!
Longboard: I've only owned one and that was a sector 9.

What’s the trick to riding and not hurting yourself? COMMIT. Always commit to your run/trick because the second you second guess yourself, you've already failed.

How would you describe your style? More of a tom-boyish approach.

What would you say is your signature move? Buttering. It's just too fun.

Favorite drink of choice to refresh yourself after a long day of riding? First a water. After properly hydrating, I'll definitely get a beer.

What do you want to be when you "grow up"? Who said anything about growing up? If you grow up, you're taking life wayy to seriously.

Any of your own web pages or social media buttons you want links to? Instagram: @rchlbylw / Facebook