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FOX NEWS Had us on to talk about building community and the Ambassador program:


WakeWorld.com featured us in their holiday gift guide and had some very kind words! Check it!


SBCWomen.com celebrates our One Year Anniversary!


Alliancewake.com gives us props for our Economic and Comminuty building with our local Partnerships!


Malakye.com highlights our Economic and Community building with our local Partnerships!


Action Sports biggest Job board and news letter, Malakye.com sharing our Ambassador and community story


Sheshreds.co featured in alliancewake.com celebrating the global ambassador program, culture and growing community!

Sheshreds.co is honored to support the Wakeworld.com Holiday auction to support some incredible athletes from our sports and Toys for Tots this season!

Sheshreds.co is supporting the 1st Chair Project here in Utah

Sheshreds.co featured in Wakeworld.com for 1 year anniversary and winter line launch!

Sheshreds.co featured in Malakye.com for 1 year anniversary and winter ramp up!

Sheshreds.co featured in AllianceWake.com for 1 year birthday and winter line launch!

Sheshreds.co Founder Gina Duffy on Park City Televisions Mountain Morning Show showcasing the winter line and 1st year of business!

Sheshreds.co is stoked to sponsor the “Pretty Faces, Unicorn picnic” film release tour by Lynsey Dyer
It was amazing at the SLC event to see all these amazing chicks shred! We laughed, we cried, we farted rainbows (gotta see the movie to get that one!). Check out this link for a showing near you! 

Sheshreds.co proudly sponsors the pros and joes event annually in South Florida each fall!

Stoked to have sponsored the “Big Scary Push Race” in our old home town of Chicago Halloween 14!

We love our Shred Sisters! and proud to have supported their end of season extravaganza at OWC, Orlando, FL!


Check out Founder, Gina Duffy's Presentation to Weber State University (UT) Business School Students

Sponsored Awesome Western Illinois University Longboard Event!






Proud Sponsor of Panther Push Race (IL)




Proud Sponsor of Duchess in Duke Skate Jam Presented by Girls Sessions (Netherlands)

Malakye's Industry News Feature's Founder Gina Duffy's Talk at Weber State University Business School


Proud Sponsor of the FIRST Ladies Day at West Rock Wake Park (IL)


Super stoked on Super Stoked Surf Magazine's article on SheShreds.co!


Founder, Gina Duffy spoke on Social Entrepreneurship to an
International Delegation on behalf of the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
August, 2014


We are proud to sponsor the Shred Sisters Spetacular 2014 @ OWC


Professional Wakeboarder and our Team Athlete Taylor McCullough
got some home town press love for her accomplishments this season  

Humbled by this steezy endorsement from stat.style. score


We are proudly sponsoring the Jibtopia Babe Shredder clinic in
N.C. this August.Stoked.


Sheshreds.co in any other language is still fierce. Thanks to 4actiongirl.it for making us sound sexy in Italiano!


Athletish loving us loving them. Thanks ladies.

In our ongoing partnership with Girls Session, We are proud to
support the Girl Affairz event in the Netherlands  this August

Founder, Gina Duffy invited to sit on a panel of amazing women this June 2014 to
discuss Female Entrepreneurship at Impact Hub SLC. 

FamilyShred.com gave us a thumbs up for our mission and campaign!


Got some love from our friends in MI in their culture magazine


Crowd Funding Campaign gets a boost from The Examiner

Fuel the Power of She! Check out our Indiegogo.com Fund Raising Campaign!


Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word Endorses FUEL THE POWER OF SHE campaign on their website!

Women's Adventure Magazine Picks SheShreds as top 3 Crowd Funding Campaigns!


 Malakye.com Features SheShreds Crowd Funding Campaign!

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine Gives SheShreds Fuel the Power of She Crowd Funding Campaign Seal of Approval

Founder Gina Duffy Talks About FUEL THE POWER OF SHE campaign on FM 100.3 (click to listen!)


Ogden Valley News Gives SheShreds Some Love


Team Rider Kaitlyn "Koko" Adams get some TV time! 


Ambassador Natalie Graham Makes Headlines on her 40th Birthday!



Ambassadors Sarah & Sydney Deary Get Front Page Honors



SheShreds Proudly Sponsor's 2014 Monster Energy Wake Up Event (Pineview Reservoir, UT)


SheShreds Proudly Spronsor's 2014 Girls Ride the Wake Event


SheShreds Proudly Spronsor's Skate Girls Productions 2014 Summer Jam Girls Skate Day


SheShreds Proudly Spronsor's the 2014 Chicago Push Race - Skateboard Race in Downtown Chicago!


SheShreds Proudly Spronsor's Girl's European Skate Camp at Rubicon in UK




Malakeye picks up our op ed piece - It's a Man's World. Until It's Not.



Alliancewake.com Talks up the SheShreds.co latest release


Utah Business Magazine 30 Women to Watch Video Featuring Founder, Gina Duffy & VP of Boardco.com Mitch Mann


Founder Gina Duffy on ABC's KUTV News Talking up the SheShreds Mission!


Action Sports Leading Industry Newsletter Malakye.com features SheShreds.co latest release


Founder, Gina Duffy, Talking Up the SheShreds Mission on NBC Affiliate KSL News!



Actionhub.com Shows SheShreds some love!


Founder, Gina Duffy, Named as one of 30 Women to Watch in 2014 by Utah Business Magazine

SheShreds.co is featured on Wakeworld.com 


SheShreds.co is featured on Malakye.com


SheShreds.co is featured on Alliancewake.com in their GOODS section


SheShreds.co is featured on Aliiancewake.com in their Brown Trout Section


SheShreds.co Sponsors - Powder Daze

Sheshreds.co Sponsors - Ladies Shred Day


SheShreds.co Sponsors - Girls Go West

Girls Go West! Girlssession#6 at Skatepark Sweatshop from Jana Coppens on Vimeo.


SheShreds.co Sponsors - GromFest


SheShreds.co is featured on AllianceWake.com

Sheshreds.com is featured on boardersmag.com

SheShreds.co is featured on WakeWorld.com

SheShreds.co is featured on Malakye.com

SheShreds.co is featured on Utah Business.com


SheShreds.co is featured on Malakye.com


SheShreds.co is featured on KTVX-ABC

SheShreds.co is featured on AllianceWake.com


SheShreds.co is on The Morning Mountain Show - Park City TV

SheShreds.co Is picked up by Alliance Wake


SheShreds.co Sponsoring Slug Games - Goes Postal

SheShreds.co Sponsoring Battle at Basin 2014

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