MARCH 2015

One of our biggest priorities is getting more girls out there shredding!

Come shred and hang out with the SheShreds Crew!

 What: Ladies Night Presented by

When: Every...Dang...Week! (Every Wednesday Jan 7th - April 1)

Where: Powder Mountain UT, Sundown Lodge (SheShreds HQ)

SheShreds Crew: Gina Duffy, Lisa Ferch, Melissa Benjamin, Kourteney Hadley, Hayley Steed, Whitney Frankovic, Dee Spencer

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What: Revolution Tour – Boardercross/Training

When: March 12 - 13th

Where: Sqaw Valley, CA

SheShreds Crew: Livia Molodyh

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 What:GRO Ladies Day

When: March 22nd

Where: Mt Hood Meadows, OR

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What: USASA Nationals

When: March 28 - April 7

Where: Copper Mountain, CO

SheShreds Crew: Kaitlyn Adams, Livia Molodyh, McKena Huffman, Kyla Hendricks, Lexi Goldberg

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