Int/Advanced Wake Packages (No. 2)

Our 2015 Top Picks:  Team Athlete & Ambassador Approved

Set your own trends with the Melissa Marquardt Pro board and boot package from Liquid Force. Be a force of performance and style just like her.


Melissa Marquardt is a trend setter and style master, and her boards have always followed suit... The best women’s rail board on the market can’t be boxed in, as it performs amazingly behind the boat as well! It features a smooth, yet aggressive Continuous Rocker and our exclusive Grind Base for durability. What are you waiting for, grab a MELISSSA and get shredding!



The 2015 Melissa has once again pushed well beyond the ordinary. And just like her, the Melissa Pro binding is the perfect mix of high performance and high style. For 2015, the Melissa Pro delivers smooth power for cleaner carving and more confident jumps. Updated with the new Reflex liner you will feel lock-in comfort with our new 3D molded impact Eva foot bed.