Gold Ambassadors

A Nation of Rebels With One Help Girls Shred Without Limits.  UNITED WE SHRED!

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These girls are fearless in their pursuit of what sets their soul on fire!

Say hello to our Gold Ambassadors
Their "someday" is today because they chose to be the best version of themselves.

Kyla Hendricks

Wake/Snowboard/Surfer (WI)

Piper Harris

Wakeboard/Surf/Snowboarder (FL)


Zoe Luquette

Wakeboarder (NV)

Jenna Malcolm

Wakeboarder (GA)


Colleen Cain

Wakesurf/Snowboard/Skater (SC)


Ella Sorensen

Wake/Snowboarder (MN)

Colleen Daugherty

Downhill Longboarder (TX)

Liv Hetzel

Skateboarder/Snowboarder (WI)

Jordan Wolfe

Wake/Snowboarder (NC)

Abigail Berg

Snowboarder (ID)


Marina Sanchez

Snowboard/Fishing (BC)

Riley Rivera

Snowboard/Wake/Skater (CA)


Ava Cook

Snow/Long/Skateboarder (AB)

Sammy Olsen

Freeskier (UT)

Kai Roshto

Wakesurf/Wakeboarder (AZ)

Marci Sherman

Snowboarder (UT)

Payton Lucas

Wake/Snow/Flowboarder (UT)

Myriam Trepanier

IceCross/Snowboard/Skier (MN)

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