Denise "Dee" Daniels / Pro Flowboarder, Utah, USA

Born and raised in Utah, Denise "Dee" Daniels grew up skateboarding, snowboarding, longboarding, and 18-speed road biking. But after a last-minute flowboard entry atTrifecta landed her an unexpected big win, she was hooked! And now she’s doing her darnedest to make flowboarding as big as the other board sports.

A top employee at Lifetime Products, and part-time board sander for a surf company in Utah, Dee still dedicates time and focus to train, coach, and master all her boards. Which basically makes her an all-around bada$$. Not only was she the first woman to land a kick flip clean, but she’s racked up pro props left and right.  


We are stoked to have Dee, who is the 2015 Female World Champion Flowboarder and the number three ranked Body Boarder in the world, represent us!  Dee is also the reigning champion of Trifecta three years in a row, and won 2nd in Nationals for Concrete Rodeo. In the 2013 Pepsi World Flowboarding Championships, she placed 2nd. Then placed 1st in two events in 2014, and 2nd in one event. Dee was also 2nd in five competitions in the 2013 Flow Tour. She also rips on a snowboard and plans to compete USASA this 2015/16 season!

When she’s not kicking butt on the water, snow, or concrete, she’s kicking back with her two dogs — pit bull Missie, and weiner dog Bruiser. 

Connect with Dee on Facebook: Denise Daniels and Instagram: deedaniels745  Twitter: @shredreadygirl