Colleen Daugherty / Longboarder/Skateboarder - Texas, USA

“Someone who loves skating, just shines when they ride.” 
And there’s no brighter glow on the concrete than our shining star Colleen Daugherty. A Roller Derby racer for 5 years, Colleen’s action life is now completely taken over by Downhill Longboarding and Skateboarding. 
Colleen is a Longboard champ who has racked up competition wins including: 4th Place at Bayou Battle Women's Division 2015, 1st Place at Rock Around the Rock Women's Division 2015, 2nd Place at Patriot Race Women’s Division 2014, and 4th Place at Sam Houston Seasonal Women’s Division 2014. Before all that, she was Roller Derby Rookie of the Year 2011. 
As a full-time grad student in Physical Therapy, Colleen is obsessed with mobility, function, and safety.  Which are all great complements to her speed demon side.  
“I love to go fast down hill, but recently started to free ride,” she says. Since Houston doesn't have any fast hills, she has to travel to go fast. And while Austin is the most popular spot to skate, San Antonio offers her crew some fast runs, too.
But speed is not all she’s known for, since she also has has great style from head to toe. Colleen likes to rock TxBaked, Bombsquad Longboarding, and No Bull Longboarding — Texas brands that are owned by her good friends. Rounding out that list are her favorite pieces from SheShreds, which she often complements with Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr. And on her feet, Nike high tops or Vans — though she confesses that foot braking destroys them fast. 
Colleen has big dreams, which include skating at Maryhill Loops in Washington State. She also hopes to be like skaters Katie Neilson and Amanda Powell, who get to travel the world. But most importantly, she dreams of getting more girls out there shredding, which would mean more women divisions at races. 
Connect with Colleen on Facebook: Colleen Daugherty, Instagram: Colleenrdaugherty, Twitter: cdaugherty2012, and her blog: Yo oBlog: Skateboards Downhill:

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