November 2016 Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Maida

November 01, 2016

November 2016 Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Maida

Congrats to our November Ambassador of the Month, Amanda Maida!

The stunning photography in Amanda's instagram feed would inspire anyone to get outdoors and go for a hike, but the girls who nominated her see beyond that to a strong, brave and warm woman who has overcome serious injuries and surgery, but keeps fearlessly putting herself out there and doing what she loves. She divides her time between outdoor adventures hiking and skiing in the Canadian backcountry and working as a flight paramedic for an air ambulance service.

I would like to nominate Amanda Maida for Ambassador of the month! She is SheShreds: she lives fearlessly, unapologetic and true to herself. She’s never afraid to voice what is right and seems equally willing to open up to show her soft side. I truly thing that more women should aspire to be like her in the sense that she is not on comfortable but also proud of who she is. Also she’s a brave, badass, tough lady!

- Marina Sanchez

I nominate Amanda Maida, because her posts are always so influential, and inspiring. She seems to be such a positive person.  

- Adele Zeh

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As always, this was a difficult decision, and we're thrilled to have so many ladies who represent our core values, and are COOL, COMPASSIONATE and KIND.  Check out some of the other Nominees:

New grom ambassador Kellesse Thomas was so inspired by all of the girls she has met in the crew, that she came up with TWO nominations!

For Ava Cook (Our August Ambassador of the Month):
I would like to nominate Ava, she likes and comments on my posts, is nice, and has made me feel welcome!
For Janie Hensley:
I would like to nominate Janie because I know we are gonna be good friends.  We like each other's posts and write to each other already! And she keeps going even if she finds things tough.

Jade Cator was nominated by Georgia Goodman for her willingness to go out of her way to help a friend: 

I want to nominate Jade Cator as this month or next month’s ambassador of the month because I’ve been looking for last minute season work and this awesome girl has really gone out of her way to help, even contacting people for me to look for work. I’ve never even tried applying for work before but she’s helped me all the way through with any questions. Plus she’s such a rad girl!

Chantal Von Rotz was nominated by Jenny Graburn for her inspiring social media posts.

I am going to vote for my fellow Canadian Chantal Von Rotz.  She seems like an active, positive go-getter!! That's the kind of gal that inspires me and is great for the young girls to see.  From what you can tell on FB, she seems to be free and have fun which is how we should all roll through life.


Camilla Kial was nominated by Hannah Cass for being an amazing friend and support system as she progresses in her sports!

I'd like to nominate my amazing housemate, Camilla Kial, to be ambassador of the month! Camilla is always giving me so much motivation to be great at all my sports! She's always there to pick me up when I fall and laugh about it with me after! She's got this fantastic mentality that keeps everyone around her positive! Even though she sometimes has down days, she'll never let that stop her from making everyone around her feel great! I know I'd definitely not be as good at snowboarding and longboarding as I am if it weren't for her!  

Maxx Nelkin was nominated by Christelle Rodas  for creating and running a pen pal program that is helping her daughters meet girl shredders from all over the world!

I'd like to vote for Maxx Nelkin for creating the Shred Pals program for ambassadors and taking care of it.  I think it's awesome! The girls are too little to really understand the SheShreds program so it will definitely help them to see all the other girls out there... and they love mail! 


Kira Holm was nominated by Ricki Dzuba for hosting a meetup in Canada with the help of her family, and going out of her way to be kind.

I would like to nominate Kira Holm.  She is one inspiring young person. Always has a smile on and seems to really enjoy life and all it has to offer. She's not afraid of a challenge, like learning to longboard and excelling at it. Kira and her family reached out to me when planning the Edmonton meet up to see if I was able to do the activities planned Because of me having a bad leg. They provided me with info and links so that I could read about the activities. This act of reaching out goes to show you the caring heart of this family and how they care for the well beings of others. They even opened up their home to host the meet up.

Allison Fountain was nominated by Adele Zeh for her positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Allison Fountain has gone through a lot, I haven't ever talked to her but I see her posts on Facebook, and for what she has gone through, she seems to have a very positive mindset all the time.  

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