December 2016 Ambassador of the Month Aliza Capen

December 01, 2016 1 Comment

December 2016 Ambassador of the Month Aliza Capen

Congrats to December Ambassador of the Month Aliza Capen!!

Ambassador Aliza Capen impresses not only with her wakeboarding skills, but with her amazing will, and her generous commitment to her local community and the SheShreds community. On top of competitive wakeboarding, she also volunteers at a local food bank as well as as a spokesperson for the Dallas Hearing Foundation. She has big dreams of becoming a professional wakeboarder, and refuses to let life's obstacles slow her down.

Within our own community of female athletes, she has also been a welcome addition - generous and kind to all of our ambassadors, and forming lifelong friendships with some of the other wakeboarders.  Here's one of her Shred Besties, Piper Harris, giving a glowing nomination: 

"I would like to nominate Aliza Capen for ambassador of the month for December. She is a role model for all of us. She volunteers at the Frisco Family Services and is always willing to lending a helping hand. She is also a spokesperson and motivational speaker for the Dallas Hearing Foundation. When I first met Aliza, she impressed me with her riding at Hydrous Wake Park in Little Elm, TX. We met and became instant friends. Aliza comes to Orlando and hangs and shreds with me and she is my shred bestie." 

Aliza and Piper hanging out with fellow ambassador Ashley LaBountey

As always, this was a difficult decision, and we're thrilled to have so many ladies who represent our core values, and are COOL, COMPASSIONATE and KIND.  Check out some of the other Nominees:

I want to nominate Noelle Sanders as the ambassador of the month! She is always very nice and helpful to me! I don't even know her that well just on social media and she posted this picture of me out of the blue and said 'this is my friend Lills' and it was so nice. I think she deserves ambassador of the month. - Lilian Hubbard

I'd like to nominate my amazing housemate, Camilla Kial, to be ambassador of the month! Camilla is always giving me so much motivation to be great at all my sports! She's always there to pick me up when I fall and laugh about it with me after! She's got this fantastic mentality that keeps everyone around her positive! Even though she sometimes has down days, she'll never let that stop her from making everyone around her feel great! I know I'd definitely not be as good at snowboarding and longboarding as I am if it weren't for her! 
-Hannah Cass


Amanda Maida!! She's been amazing and showing so much ambition and love on the page. 

- Megan Brown

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Colleen Cain
Colleen Cain

December 01, 2016

CONGRATS Aliza!! ?

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