Ambassador highlights.... Crossfit/Boxing

June 26, 2017

Ambassador highlights.... Crossfit/Boxing


Who says girls are wimps? Several of our ambassadors participate in what some would consider non-traditional sports for women such as Boxing, Crossfit, Mixed Martial Arts, UFC, Fitness Training, and Weightlifting. These ladies are breaking stereotypes, and taking the world by storm. If you have ever thought about starting crossfit, taking up fighting, or simply hitting the gym to build muscle and not loose weight, the best time to do so is NOW! 

"I can mark my life to before and after I started fighting sports. I went from working out and hard core dieting for the sole purpose of weightloss, to working out to get stronger and food became fuel to survive the workouts and sparring sessions. I started Crossfit after an ACL reconstruction and meniscus surgery. I needed to gain strength back, and cardio alone just wasn't cutting it. People joke and judge that Crossfit is "cultish", but if instant community & workouts with like-minded happy, healthy people is a cult - pass the koolaid. Cheers." - Silver Ambassador Amanda Maida 




Meanwhile, across the ocean Crew Ambassador Francesca Fua has taken up boxing as cross training to her Dragon Boat races.

Marks my 6th session in boxing! So much room for improvement, but i'm getting there! 💪🏽🥊

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In addition to her other action sports, Bronze Ambassador  Charmie Martin finds strength in her regular life through boxing. 




"Budokon changed my life, I used to be afraid all the time. I felt small and weak all the time. I felt like I needed someone to protect me and show up for me. Budokon awakened something in me. This strong, beautiful, confident woman I had never seen before. The yoga, the martial arts, the self work and meditation transformed me through hours of sweat, tears and training. I started to discover the person I had always been, someone worth fighting for and believing in that was buried underneath." - Silver Ambassador Meg Krofcheck 


Want to get invovled? Check out your local gyms, crossfit centers, and boxing facilities to sign up for a class! Also if you have friends who are looking for more like minded females to share their stoke with have them sign up to be an ambassador.
































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