SheShreds Chronicles: Q&A With Snowboarder Veroniqi Hanssen

November 04, 2015

Veroniqi Hanssen Netherlands Snowboarder for
The SheShreds Team is thrilled to announce the addition of a new team athlete entering the Winter season of 2015-2016. Veroniqi Hanssen is a snowboarder from The Netherlands with some great aspirations for women and girls in snowboarding and urban riding.


She has some incredible stories already in her young career, but we are really stoked about the project she is working on that showcases what kind of street riding she is passionate about. She is staying in the US during this winter to travel to various regions to film other riders and make new connections.
  • Name: Veroniqi Hanssen
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Someren, The Netherlands
  • Favorite Resort: Bear Mountain, CA / Brighton resort, UT

What or who got you started in snowboarding?

The first time I ever went snowboarding was with my dad on a holiday to France. We could choose between skiing or snowboarding lessons, the rest of the family chose skiing but I decided to try snowboarding.

I instantly became really motivated and found a drive and passion that I had never felt before, so when I came home from the trip I decided I didn’t want to wait another year to snowboard again.

But I happen to live in a flat country, so I started riding in the indoor domes!

Veroniqi Hanssen Indoor Snowboarding in Netherlands

What challenges did you face when you began learning to ride indoors back in the Netherlands?

It was already a challenge to even get to the indoor domes, I was 16 years old and I lived about 2,5 hours away from the closest one. I started taking the train by myself and would go as often as I could! I spent a lot of time riding on my own just trying whatever felt right, then I started making friends and everything got a lot easier. They could show me how to do tricks and got me to start entering contests.

What was the “best thrill” of snowboarding that kept you coming back?

It’s definitely the best feeling in the world to push through your fear and finally land a new trick! But the reason it fits my personality so well and what attracted me to snowboarding is that it’s really creative and you can do exactly the tricks you want and develop your own style.

Veroniqi Hanssen Woman Snowboarder

Your focus is urban riding, what’s different about that that draws you to it?

I think coming from indoor riding my focus has always been rails and street.
But the reason it keeps me interested is because there’s always new and different features, and I just really enjoy finding creative ways to ride them.

I like the variety of urban riding, most jumps and halfpipes are always the same.

I think it’s so much fun to come up with tricks to match these different features or find spots to match the things in your mind and then doing something over and over until you’re happy with it.

So we hear you’re from the Netherlands, but spending your winter season in Salt Lake City, Utah. What made you decide to come to the states?

The Netherlands is a flat country without much snow so that always keeps me motivated to travel. I watch every snowboard video that comes out and a lot of them are based in the US, the parks over there looked so creative and fun that I decided I wanted to go there!

And then I just kept on coming back every winter trying to get into street riding and filming.

Veroniqi Hanssen SheShreds SnowboarderWe’re stoked about your awesome project going called “Into The Streets”. Why don’t you tell us a bit more about it and how it got started.

I’m super excited about it as well! So, this winter I’m going to create a documentary style video series focused around Urban snowboarding.

The reason I want to do this is because I struggled to find people to hit the streets with and felt like there had to be more girls like me who wanted to do the same but weren’t part of a crew.

So I came up with the idea to reach out to these girls and just fly out to snowboard with them.

I want to involve anyone who’s motivated to come out and ride these spots that they’ve always been dreaming about.

In each episode I plan on featuring a different rider and I will travel to their location, together we’ll put together a small crew of whoever wants to join us to ride and film at different street spots.

But besides just hitting street rails I also want to ride at their local resorts with them and find out more about who they are and where they are from.

I found myself watching snowboarding videos and always wanting to know more about the person actually doing the tricks, so I’m going to find out and showcase that in a series.

What are you looking to accomplish with your “Into The Streets” project?

First and foremost I want to help these girls, and myself, to hit street spots and get enough footage to create an urban video part.

With the series I want to showcase up and coming talented riders, their stories and personalities. I also hope to make this side of snowboarding more accessible to the public by showing everything that goes into street riding. The traveling, the disappointments and also definitely the fun side, our excitement, passion and motivation.

Veroniqi Hanssen Street Snowboarder from SheShreds

So where are some places you are going to be meeting up with other female riders to film for your project series?

This is really going to depend on a few things, most importantly snow.

The places I have in mind are mostly in Utah, Colorado, California and Minnesota. Maybe even the East coast. But I’m really open to any invitations and new places.
I would like to encourage girls who have been wanting to get out there and didn’t know how, to reach out and contact me. I will choose an individual to travel to for each episode and will involve as many girls in that area as I can.

What resort or region are you looking forward to the most to visit on your journey?

I’m mostly excited to meet motivated riders and get to know who they are. I think any place has potential for really awesome street spots, and the people who live in them have already daydreamed about all of the rails that they would want to hit in their areas. I love travelling and can’t wait to discover some new places.

What was the hardest trick for you to learn?

That’s difficult, I do seem to do better with awkward positions and reverts instead of the ones that require you to just go with the motion. Like a back tail to regular was easier for me to learn than a frontside 180 in 180 out.

What is the best American food you’ve had so far? Worst?

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast are pretty awesome, and I practically lived on poptarts when I first got there haha, but I’ve drastically changed my eating habits over the past few years and eat really healthy now. Oh, the worst are definitely corndogs!!!

What are you currently riding on (boots, bindings, board, etc.)?

I ride the Elan Lira 146 with Elan Ruby bindings.

What does riding for this season mean to you?

It really means a lot, I’ve always had a drive to be a positive influence and to inspire more girls to be badass snowboarders and I feel like my vision for that aligns so perfectly with what Sheshreds is doing that I believe we can do some amazing things together. 


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